What's new in 2019? - Overview of upcoming and in-progress projects!

But first, What's happening, RIGHT NOW?

DriftKing 2D Will receive 3 new biomes, and 2 new cars.
The tutorial has been replaced.
The standard game mode has received an overhaul.
A few bonus objectives added.
Biomes and cars are only unlockable by playing or paying.
Micro transactions are a work in progress, (and will lean towards as minimalistic as possible)
The Driftking 1.2 update is scheduled for early February 2019.
Only for Google Play.
I'll take a break from Development on DK2D to continue working on some of my other projects.
Read more about them below!

LolindirLink.com Updates:

Everything will be a little more smoothed out.
And more content will gradually be build up. (More files to downloads And playable demo's for example) Suggestions are, as always. very much welcome!
I Will also continue using Blogger by Google to write posts like this.
There are other pages like Patreon and Discord. But that's up to you.
See you there!

YouTube Title manager [YTM]:

Oof! This one is a chunk! Or rather, a whole bunch of chunks to be worked on!
Everything has to be extremely precise to prevent the many errors, which takes a couple nights at least to simply write out. I physically couldn't do this in a couple hours :')
And it's also a low-priority side project for now.

It's mere existence is based on what @Meikitamemo does on his YouTube channel.
Recording a lot of gameplay from many different games, What he also does is adding a bunch of info in the description and here's where YTM (Youtube Title Manager), came to be:
- YTM makes it easier to manage multiple video descriptions.
- Timestamping is faster and can be done without interruptions or pausing the video.
- Backup description texts, easier management and updates.

-More info soon-

I need a new logo for 2019 too!

And then there's the main project:

"TrainTrip" scheduled for a launch on Steam in 2019.