Development update on DriftKing 2D / Future projects.

(DriftKing 2D Version 1.8.4 (January 2020) 
Development on Driftking 2D was supposed to end it's "Early Access" state in the Steam store by November 2019.
However, this deadline has not been met so it will remain in a Early access state for a little longer, Until it reached a more polished state with as few bugs as possible. Only time can tell how long this will actually take.
This does not mean developments ends here.
But it will slow down, and catch back up depending on player feedback.
There are still new biomes and vehicles to be implemented in the near future and you can expect most updates around special dates.(like a Steam sale: DK2D is 50% off or less!)

(If you see the Lord statue in-game, It means there's a Steam sale around this date, and you'll earn more coins..)

Soon: YouTube.

There are a few YouTube projects planned through the year,
One of the bigger ones would be a complete 100% walkthrough of the game "The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap (GBA)" To honor my channel since my "TloZ: Skyward Sword" 100% guide is the most-viewed playlist on my channel over these years, And the official Nintendo Zelda guideline names Minish cap as the sequel after Skyward Sword. (I also, really adore the Minish Cap, Andi find the current available content on YouTube lacking.
I plan to edit the walkthrough heavily, Only one way to find out if I'll succeed influence the YouTube gaming-walkthrough landscape once more!
Also: I've invested in Equipment over the past few months:
Microphone, Mixing panel & Amplifier powered by USB powerbank, Soon a new, better laptop.
More storage, More opportunities!

Next: Game-development phase: (3)

But before that: Let's do a quick time travel:
I Started game development years ago, but only released my first game in 2016:
A reasonably simple Mobile game, But not TOO simple (I created every asset myself, in 3D),
Just to get something out there.
Bigger projects took too long simply said, more details can be found "out there"
Then there was Driftking: A random game-jam i decided to join last-second.
I wasn't done yet with the random generated car game so i made it a mobile game instead.
This  took a few iterations before i eventually dropped it for a bit.

"I should work on a Steam game instead!"
Aaand... i picked Driftking as the first Steam game :')
I had to change everything again, Add more cars, more biomes, 9 Languages, More music, more bugs... because that's how game development works.
I'm currently still in the process of cleaning these iterations up, optimize it to a more stable state.
And better suited for upcoming new biomes.

But soon: (I'm planning to start as soon as i saved up for a new laptop "Help ?")
I decided, with the helps of some chats with my friends "Meikitamemo" & "Miguelstethic"
To go for a HORROR GAME!
It's going to be a top-down, semi-realistic styled, (but realistic values) 2D game.
You visit a small town....
And that's it for now. 
Expect creep, Expect some jump scares, Expect story, And expect a social feature.
It Might have a form of Lan co-op, Or local co-op. That totally depends on the first prototype round which starts: As soon as i upgrade my laptop. (Current setup doesn't do 1080p...)

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