90 Degrees Version 1.0.0 Released! - Patch Notes:


90 Degrees just got it's "launch-Update" which finilizes the way the game works.

the SaveData system is permanent from this point on. A Data fix will be enabled again when it's needed in the future.

V1.0.0 Patch Notes:

- Added: New Levels: 25-32
             32 new level Icons
             New Finish Animations (By user feedback - Thanks Again!)
             New Portal Animations
             New Laser Animations
             New Sound Effects
             New LaserSwitch
             8 New Leaderboards
             New UI Effect
             (Package Size is Roughly 5 MB's increased)
- Optimized Audio
- Changed Music Icons
- Optimized Scoring
- Fixed some bugs
- Optimized Performance.

2 of the 8 new Levels: (ingame icons)


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