LL project: "WildBreath" recreating the great Plateau Area (and beyond!)


"[BETA WIP] unreal Engine 4 snapshot (Collecting assets!) LL"

" C4D snapshot (this is where i started, creating parts of "The Great Plateau" to basic scale)"

i started in Boujou, motion-tracked a few scenes from youtube footage and imported them into C4D.
as well as the map image of the great plateau and a almost-full-world map around it.
i bumped the terrain up to a repective height on some key places and worked from there on giving it a more similar feel and structure.
adding the simple placeholder trees worked like a charm for adding some color, as well as a basic Temple of time model (I want to replace it soon for a real Version1 to be used in the UE4)

"C4D "Great Plateau and beyond!" model sample by LL"
A video posted by LolindirLink (@lolindirlink) on

"Current Link model ripped from Skyward Sword, to be used in the UE4 as player character."

more to come soon! i will update this post soon as well! or create another post :') so stay tuned!

in the meanwhile, i could use some help!
do you 3D model? or do you know somebody? i could them a lot!
but it could be a lot simpler! have you seen original gameplay?
some unique shots of the world, interesting locations, common things that are really worthy of adding , map data (Shrine maps and locations?!?, chest locations?!?) and so on!

(lots of credits permanently embedded in the project ofcourse)


  1. Hello I am also working on a Botw project on UE4 but am having trouble making the map. I have already made a Botw wild link model i just dont know how to show you :P >:^)

  2. Hello I am also working on a Zelda BOTW project on UE4 but i am having trouble making the map >:^(. I also made a BOTW link model that is pretty noice but I dont know how to show you >8^(

    1. nice! i'm going to upload my assets soon, free to use by everyone.
      so keep an eye out if you're interested! ;)

    2. i was pretty occupied but things are moving again.
      expect something in the coming days.


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