Welcome Back LL!


It has been a while since my last update.

A lot has been going on in my life that i won't express in detail right now..
But here are a few brief notes for the time being:

First of all, My First-published Android app "90 Degrees" JUST received a fresh new patch.
Long story short: the exporter i preferred using: "IntelXDK" has been discontinued a while back.
This totally destroyed my export process, Killed the way Ads & Achievements work.
This -SHOULD- be completely resolved as of speaking.
(Please let me know if you encounter any bugs!) 🐛


My Website  "LolindirLink.com" has been re-worked from the ground up.
It now has https support! yay for security! 🔐
Keep in mind however, Work in Progress [WIP]. as it is most of the time.
It's NOT Mobile-Friendly right now. so please ignore this fact.
I'm also well-aware of the Desktop bugs. no need for reporting anything.
-Feedback is ALWAYS welcome though 😀

Last Note for the Day: I once again made a MineCraft server!


It's once more Work in Progress project. (i start too many projects!)
It's basicly my daughter's Minecraft worlds, so keep that in mind.
You can take a look at the ingame maps by visiting: mcdawn.ddns.net:8123
Or by going to my website LolindirLink.com /minecraft-server, but for some unresolved reason, it doesn't seem to work in Google Chrome.
Joining the server through minecraft would be by going to: "mcdawn.ddns.net"

Final Words:

I used to collaborate on a Massive game called "Profu" with a friend of mine.
This collaboration has been discontinued and was to my regrets, out of my control.😩
I Will carry on with the game, but for the foreseeable future, i work alone.
It has always been too much work to do it all by myself, but at least i know i can trust myself.
and with that being said. time to sleep!

See you all another day!